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Happy Birthday Ixian

2019-04-23 19:09:49

3 years ago on April 23rd 2016, Ixian was born. At that time nobody knew what the future will bring, and there were lots of open questions, plans and aspirations. Fast forward to today and it has already been 3 years of planning, hard work and development. Ixian is maturing into what we envisioned it would be and more.

During this time, we had to reassess our bearings and adapt to new conditions. The technology we are building is improved and better than we originally planned. Ixian DLT is in mainnet, and new exciting features are being added constantly. With S2 and Spixi nearing completion and scheduled for launch, we can't help but look back with an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction with all that has been accomplished.
We hope that the future will bring many more exciting developments which we will share with you!

Stay positive,
Team Ixian