A fully scalable, decentralized platform that enables encrypted data streaming and high volume of micro-transactions.

Ixian's DLT combined with S2 Secure Streaming Network provides an intuitive and seamless experience, while maintaining the highest level of privacy and security. This allows Ixian users to communicate and send other data between them easily and securely.
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Distributed Ledger Technology

Ixian DLT is a revolutionary blockchain that brings several innovative advantages, such as processing a high volume of micro-transactions quickly while consuming a low amount of processing power, disk space and energy. Native currency of Ixian DLT is IxiCash.

Custom made, built-from-scratch DLT platform that solves traditional problems encountered by other blockchains, ensures diversity and a competitive market.

High volumes of micro transactions are handled quickly and efficiently, without network congestion.

The Ixian DLT can function even with very limited processing power thanks to the new efficient consensus-based block acceptance algorithm.

active DLT nodes
DLT nodes are essential for network integrity and stability. Anyone can setup and run a DLT node. Please follow the instructions on how to do it yourself.


Decentralized, Secure Data Streaming Network

Ixian S2 is a decentralized streaming network which enables fast and secure data transmission between users and gives them the ability to earn revenue. Ixian S2 also solves traditional scaling problems with systems that broadcast real-time content. Ixian's network enables development of next generation projects, ranging from simple streaming networks, to complex gaming networks and live broadcast events.

Fast & secure end-to-end communication ensures complete privacy while offering maximum data transfer speeds.

Every node can earn revenue by participating in the network and thus improve Ixian's reach and stability.

Decentralized architecture means absolutely no downtime - the network will always be available.

active S2 nodes
S2 nodes are essential for enabling data transfer between users. Anyone can setup and run an S2 node. Please follow the instructions on how to do it yourself.


Next generation Instant Messenger with integrated cryptocurrency Wallet

Spixi is a truly decentralized, fast and secure chat app that takes the familiar messaging experience to a new level. Spixi aims to provide users with the best possible communication experience and ensures the highest level of privacy and security. Additionally, Spixi includes a secure, easy to use cryptocurrency wallet, which enables its users to easily offer paid services, trade or simply transfer cryptocurrency.

Spixi delivers the best possible communication experience on any device, be it text, voice or video chat.

Cryptocurrency transfer allows users to quickly send and receive money. It also allows users to earn revenue by offering premium services.

Decentralized architecture enables users to always be available online, as long as there is an internet connection.

Development Roadmap

Join us on our journey

Project Ixian is rapidly evolving. The team is working very hard to bring the technology into public use as soon as possible. We have encountered challenges on our exciting path, as is usual for a project of this scale. We elegantly overcome problems as we progress and are firmly carrying on with the development according to the outlined roadmap. The Ixian products are developed in stages, with the Roadmap below giving you an accurate glimpse of the project timeline.

Stay tuned.

-Q3 2016

Idea & concept development

Market research

Tech research

Q4 2016

Legal research

ICO research

Project planning

Q1 2017


Overview paper

DLT, S2 Prototype Development

Q2 2017


Website concept

DLT, S2 Prototype Development

Spixi Planning

Q3 2017

Overview paper

Website development

DLT Prototype testing

S2, Spixi Prototype Development

Q4 2017

Project re-evaluation

Crowdfunding preparations

DLT Alpha Development

S2, Spixi Prototype Development

Q1 2018

DLT Beta Development

S2, Spixi Alpha Development

Q2 2018

DLT Beta testing

S2, Spixi Beta Development

Q3 2018

Website update

DLT, S2 Beta Testnet release

Q4 2018


DLT Beta Mainnet release

Q1 2019


DLT Beta maintenance releases

Q2 2019

DLT Beta improvements and maintenance releases

S2, Spixi Beta Mainnet release

SDK Beta

Q3 2019

Ixian DLT Gamma Release

Ixian S2, Spixi Gamma Release

SDK Gamma Release

Q4 2019

Ixian DLT v1.0 Release

Ixian S2, Spixi v1.0 Release

SDK v1.0 Release


The Ixian core team has vast knowledge and expertise when it comes to software development, graphic design, marketing, legal, public relations and project management. Each member of Ixian's team has years of professional experience in their respective role, ensuring the required capabilities for Ixian to succeed.

Marko Arh-Tadič

Marko Arh-Tadič

Project Lead

With 15 years of experience in professional software engineering and project management, Marko managed and personally developed numerous advanced software products.

Marko Žagar

Marko Žagar

Software Architect

His lifelong passion for technology has propelled him to work with big data and networks systems, he has been developing innovative solutions for difficult problems for over 15 years.

Cristian Ciorba

Cristian Ciorba

Lead Developer

Has 15 years of experience in software engineering. Work ranged from Augmented Reality to IM services to high-performance server technology.

Damir Rekić

Damir Rekić

Design & UX Lead

He has collaborated on a number of projects In the past decade, ranging from websites to corporate visual identity. He has a particular interest in UX.


Mina Kržišnik

Mina Kržišnik

Legal Advisor

Being a corporate and commercial lawyer for over 10 years, Mina is also keen on researching innovative technology. She embraces new challenges and does her job with love and passion.

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