Ixian Downloads

All files that you need to get started with Ixian can be found on this page. Please note that any updates and new files be posted here.

Mainnet is live. To try it out, download the appropriate files and follow instructions on how to setup your DLT and S2 nodes.

To receive sufficient IxiCash to run a testnet node, please create your account and login.

Ixian GitHub repository Visit
Ixian DLT v0.6.4 Windows binary Download
Building Ixian DLT on Linux View
Ixian Lite Wallet v0.5.0 Windows binary Download
Ixian Lite Wallet v0.5.0 Linux binary Download
Ixian Pool Miner v0.6.4 Windows binary Download
Ixian Pool Miner v0.6.4 Linux binary Download
Ixian S2 Node Windows binary Coming Soon
Spixi Android Coming Soon
Spixi iOS Coming Soon