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IxiCoin is now IxiCash

2019-01-17 21:15:08

IxiCoin is now IxiCash!

We are excited to announce that we are changing the formal name of the Ixian Cryptocurrency. Due to the nature of the project, a  more modern name of the cryptocurrency suits Ixian better.

Until now we reffered to it as »IxiCoin«. After a lot of consideration we have decided to change its official name to »IxiCash«. Throughout the Ixian Ecosystem, as well as all associated material and publication, the term »IxiCoin« will be replaced with the term »IxiCash«. This will amongst other things help differentiate IxiCash from a large number of other cryptocurrencies and tokens on the market.

We believe that this change at the current phase of the project will have little or no implications for our current users. IxiCash is a more appropriate name and has a contemporary feel to it and we hope the community will embrace it.

Stay Positive,
Team Ixian