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Quest for a sustainable business model

2019-01-15 20:39:24

Is there a sustainable business model in the cryptocurrencies market? If there is how does it look like and how does it work, in which way can it ensure  the sustainability of the project? Reflecting the current situation in the world of cryptocurrencies, what happens when an ICO funded project runs out of initial funding, which it needs to incentivize further development? These were the questions we had to deal with in our quest for an effective business model.

A quick peek on the existing business models in the mentioned industry, shows us how hard it is to imagine what any unexpected shakeup can bring. Recent events have proven that many existing projects have a big problem with getting their strategy back on track after depleting their initial funding.

With Ixian, we have outlined a sustainable business model, which will mitigate most scenarios that other cryptocurrency projects were and are facing. Our vision is to develop a cryptocurrency and a decentralized platform which will stand the test of time. To achieve that, we plan to create a non-profit foundation which will care for continuous development and marketing activities. The foundation itself will be established in a similar way other open-source foundations have been.

To be successful in performing the necessary tasks, the foundation itself has to maintain certain reserves and a revenue stream which will ultimately be used to fund all activities and investments that the foundation performs.

The initial funds which are reserved for development and marketing, are going to be obtained by selling the premined IxiCash. A small portion of all transaction fees paid (no more than 3% of the transaction fee) will automatically be collected by the foundation to fund further development, marketing and other activities.

Stay positive,
Team Ixian