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How private is your chat?

2017-12-07 22:42:55


We have to agree with the famous writer Milan Kundera, who once said that privacy is necessary for the formation of intimate relationships, allowing us to reveal parts of ourselves to friends, family members, and lovers that we withhold from the rest of the world. It is, therefore, a precondition for friendship, individuality, and even love. Freedom is impossible in a society that refuses to respect that fact.

But the fact is, that our privacy is not respected or at least not enough, and our personal data, the way we live, the way we think, the way we speak, the time we shop, our daily routine, our eating preferences and all other information are becoming the most valuable assets.

Decentralized technology offers the ultimate way to improve on privacy issues. The technology holds a promise to transparently record financial transactions, network communication, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, supply chains, and can, by its decentralized nature, ensure that no central holding system stores your data relating to the above mentioned transactions, trades, messages, sources, files, and other activities that you do. Rather, information is encrypted and distributed through the world using Ixian nodes (devices that use Ixian software) which carry a record of the chain.

It is worthy to mention that messengers and streaming networks today comprise a large amount of internet usage across the globe and hold, transfer or otherwise carry an enormous amount of all kinds of data.  There is an inherent danger of hacking and stealing information, or of social engineering, which refers to manipulation of people into giving out their private data and meta-data.

Ixian is aware of the big privacy problem of today’s world and offers a solution that mathematically guarantees privacy, security, trust and freedom. Ixian technology offers a completely different, safety-based approach to messaging, transferring data, storing information, making transactions, etc. Ixian uses decentralized networks (Ixian DLT and Ixian S2), which are not and cannot be censored or controlled by any single (centralized) source. All communications and transactions are dispersed through these networks, which reduces the risk of data transmission failure and improves privacy. Having a registered email address or phone number is not a requirement to chat, stream data or make transactions with Ixian. This gives anyone the freedom to communicate freely without compromising their privacy.

The initial concept for Ixian was to overcome an inherent flaw that most instant messenger software has today. This flaw is caused by their centralized nature and manifests through inefficient data and metadata transmission, which can (and usually does) result in collection of such data in a centralized manner on a company's server. This central point is susceptible to failure, data snooping, and data leaks (as a result of potential hacks) meaning your communication can be read and used for commercial or other purposes. Ixian technology not only solves this problem but can protect your communication efficiently.

The ideal of privacy insists that individuals should be allowed to define themselves, and to decide how much of themselves to reveal or to conceal in different situations, once said by Jeffrey Rosen. With Ixian technology users will be able to transfer everything they wish (thoughts, voice, files and money) Peer-2-Peer and keep their privacy intact.

Stay awesome,
Team Ixian