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Ixian S2 Setup Guide

2018-07-08 22:58:42

How to setup Ixian S2 on Windows OS?


Requirements Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Windows 10
Disk Space TBA TBA
Internet speed 5Mbps/5Mbps 100Mbps/100Mbps

Users must have the ability to forward ports on their routers or connect the nodes directly to the internet.

Default port used by Ixian S2 is TCP 10777 and can be changed using the -p switch.

Step 1: Download the Ixian S2 archive or compile the binary from source

Step 2: Unpack the archive and start the node by double-clicking the S2 executable or by issuing the command “S2.exe”. The output should be similar to the following:

Step 3: Select your IP address from the menu or input it manually if it's not listed. To get the correct public IP address you can use a service like http://www.whatsmyip.org/

Step 4: Now the S2 node is in operation.

Step 5: Setup port forwarding for TCP port 10777 on your router so your S2 node is connectable from the internet and that clients can connect to your node. S2 nodes must be connectable from the internet, otherwise they can't transmit data between users. You can find instructions on how to set up port forwarding in the manual of your router.


In order to shutdown the IXIAN S2 node, simply close the command window in which it is running.

Ixian S2 node will perform its function in a non-interactive way and serve Spixi client requests to transfer messages between the users. When payment for the services has been enabled in the network, you will be able to check the status of your S2 node’s wallet. (The public wallet address is listed each time the S2 node starts, and is also listed in the “ixian.log” file, which is generated next to the S2.exe file.

Additional Notes

Please note: In their current build, both S2 and DLT programs list both their public and private keys on screen and in the log file. This information is useful for debugging, but sharing it with other people will enable them to transfer funds from their respective wallets.
If you upload the log files anywhere in order to diagnose the issue, please make sure to remove this information from the start first!


How to build Ixian S2 from source?


  • Windows
  • Visual Studio 2017 (Community Edition is OK)

Building and running an IXIAN S2 node

Step 1: If you have already built the DLT Node, you are set. If not, follow the steps 1-4 from the Ixian DLT Setup guide section.
Right click on the S2Node project and select “Rebuild”.

Step 2: Make sure that the rebuild has finished with the status “Rebuild All: 1 succeeded”. Enable the output window through the View menu, if it is not displayed on the bottom of the screen:

Step 3: The produced binary files are located in the folder S2\bin\Debug:

Step 4: (Optional) You can move or copy all the S2 files from this folder to anywhere on your system.