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Evolving Horizons - Ixian in 2024

2023-12-31 18:07:29

As we are approaching 2024, we are excited to use this opportunity to share our vision and most important developments which await us. The past period has been very productive and we are happy to have reached some important internal milestones which are going to provide a foundation for upcoming developments. We are excited to provide some insight on the key milestones that we hope will shape the Ixian Platform in the first half of 2024.

Ixian Registered Names 

Common issue that hinders the user experience is the use of lengthy alphanumeric addresses. There have been several attempts to simplify and enhance user interactions on the market. With Ixian Registered Names we aim to move a few steps forward and we are on the verge of introducing a very powerful service. Allowing users to register names, add different types of data and create entire sub-name groups will create a foundation for further growth of the ecosystem and allow for interconnectivity with other projects. This will also create a new revenue stream for node operators.

As is always the case, we focus on scalability and functionality that will allow us to create an interconnected ecosystem. You can expect the first version to be released in the upcoming Ixian DLT update.

Beyond Ixian Registered Names

Ixian DLT is the backbone of the entire Ixian platform and as such it will receive continuous optimizations, this time starting with Presence List scaling. This is going to bolster the platform’s capabilities and set the stage for scaling to new levels. Presence list is likely one of the unique features of Ixian that hasn’t been properly described and its importance has not been stressed enough. As it stands now, Ixian mainnet is able to process several hundred transactions per second in bursts, while Ixian nodes can verify up to 1000 transactions each second. Further optimizations such as adding multithreaded transaction verification will increase this number.


Spixi is receiving its long awaited UX optimization pack and support for Spixi Custom Apps. We are planning on adding new features such as private group chats, diverse message types, push-to-talk functionality and more in the upcoming period. To add to this, we are planning to improve the user experience of transferring files..

The aim of these enhancements is to provide Spixi users with a richer and more dynamic experience while paving the way for further growth of the ecosystem. Custom Apps are especially important in that regard, since it allows anyone to build a dApp and deploy it on Spixi. Coupled with security, reliability and instant-payment capability, this is going to mark a significant milestone and add numerous use cases that can be applied.


Knowledge at Your Fingertips: Whitepaper Revamp

Ixian has evolved dramatically in the past few years. Due to new features and changes that have been added, the current whitepaper no longer serves its purpose. That is why it’s undergoing a complete rewrite and will be split into 2 separate documents - one for the Ixian DLT and the other for the Ixian S2. This restructuring aims to provide readers with a more comprehensive and digestible overview of the Ixian platform. 

Empowering Developers and Building the Foundation for Growth With Ixian SDK

Small updates are in progress for the Ixian SDK, with a full version anticipated in 2024. This is going to mark the maturity of the Ixian platform. Bringing Ixian to the developers will set the stage for 3rd-party consumer products and services.

Community Engagement - A Vital Force

The last period has given us time to focus on important tasks and also reflect on the community engagement. We are grateful for the feedback we have received as it will help us improve and include the community further. We are committed to keeping you in the loop and you can expect an improved flow of information and inclusion of community members to our work. We want to introduce new ways for community engagement in 2024.

Looking Ahead and Expanding Partnerships

In addition to everything said, one of the cornerstones of successful growth is finding partners that add value. We are certain that collaborations will play a pivotal role in the upcoming period and we’re excited about all of the possibilities that lie ahead. This area received much needed attention in the past 6 months and we have begun building our network and hope to announce new partnerships in 2024.

As we embark on this journey together, your support and feedback remain paramount. Stay positive, stay engaged, and let's build the future of Ixian together. Happy new year!

Team Ixian