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New IXI Mining Pools

2022-01-18 22:58:45

MineIXI.com is now the officially endorsed IXI mining pool, replacing the Kiramine EU and US pools.


Please update your miners and point them to https://www.mineixi.com as soon as possible.


In other mining pool related news, there is a brand new community lite pool launched: http://ixian.changeling.biz


To start mining IXI with the new pool, you should point your miners to http://ixian.changeling.biz:8081. Make sure to include the specified port - 8081.


This new pool brings the total number to 3 IXI mining pools to choose from:

  • Official IXI Mining Pool mineixi.com

  • Community IXI Mining Pool ixi.hash.express

  • Community IXI Mining Pool ixian.changeling.biz


Each pool has their own set of advantages, so try them all out.


For mining and pool-related support, visit the official Ixian Discord server https://discord.gg/pdJNVhv and find the appropriate channel in the ‘Mining’ section. Each pool now has a dedicated channel.


Stay positive,

Team Ixian