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2020-04-30 12:36:06

We understand that there is some sentiment regarding the current price point of IxiCash. It is hard to compare different projects and their market caps, mainly due to many factors that weigh in. One of the key factors that defines a project as a whole is definitely community engagement. With that said, we would rather see Spixi getting a million users first, than a billion dollar market cap of IxiCash with no users. Users and developers create true long-term value, not speculators looking for the next 100x gains.

We’ve envisioned Ixian as an open source, community driven project, where the Ixian Core team prepares the foundation/base and the community helps it grow. From the development side we have set out a roadmap, which is mostly on schedule. As you all might know, there is no big funding behind Ixian and we haven't held any kind of initial offerings like ICOs/IEOs, that’s why most IxiCash is still available for mining. We believe that a fair distribution of IxiCash is the way to go. We have developed a unique blockchain from the ground up, and Ixian as a platform is becoming an ecosystem, which will cater to many needs. Ixian is being developed for 4 years now and the blockchain itself is running in mainnet for a year and a half now (first block was generated on 2018-10-24 21:40:01 UTC). We’ve noticed that there were some misconceptions regarding this, so just wanted to clear it out.

Coming back to the community part, what we were hoping to see is more community involvement. Spixi Beta test was an awesome experience, a lot of you helped us make Spixi better, and as a result, it is available on Google Play Store with some organic growth in its first 2 weeks. Other than that there is little to none community involvement, apart from some of you who have been on board and working with us on improving Ixian from the start. We have a minimum number of feedback on social networks, our tweets get only a few likes or retweets, and little or no action on our Reddit. Other projects, not naming names, might not have anything to show, yet their market caps are massive as their communities are pushing them beyond their boundaries. How many people or communities that you know of are using Spixi? How many of them can you recommend Spixi to?

So having said all that, we would love to see more involvement. These are the areas where we think most action is currently needed:

  • Community managers & moderators (if anybody has any experience in running social presence and handling communities; Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Medium)
  • Developers who would be interested in developing any apps on top of / for Ixian
  • Influencers, who can promote Ixian in the media
  • People with contacts, which can be beneficial (other projects, potential partnerships, VCs)
  • Video creators, who could create tutorials, short clips
  • Translators to help with localization of Spixi and other Ixian products and documentation
  • Copywriters to write comprehensive articles and news about Ixian
  • Ambassadors to help promote Ixian
  • Legal expert who knows his blockchain/crypto


If you feel you can help with any of these tasks, you can start at any time. The beauty of community driven, decentralized projects lies in the fact that everybody can contribute without asking for permission. If you need any help, we are always available and more than happy to assist in any way we can.

As stated many times, we are not funded and all of us are using our own personal savings. We are working on Ixian because we believe that Ixian technology is needed and has its place in this world. Without a large budget, it’s been difficult getting help, as most people requested compensation before attempting any of the tasks above. We did however receive a ton of help from some members, most of which have been working with us from the mainnet launch, and we will prepare a section on our website, where we will thank these members (you know who you are) and reward them accordingly once the circumstances allow for it.

The Ixian technology is here, and it’s ready for you. Use it and let’s build great things together. Are you up for it? Get in touch now via https://www.ixian.io/#contact, Discord or Spixi Official Group Chat.

TLDR: Basically, there is only so much we can do as the core team, having our community involved would benefit the project as a whole. You can consider this as an open invitation to contribute.

Stay positive,
Ixian Team