2018-10-25 19:20:25

At exactly 23:40 UTC + 2, on Wednesday, Oct the 24th 2018, Ixian DLT generated the first block for the mainnet. That moment marked the end of a long wait for the release of Ixian DLT mainnet. We are extremely excited to present to the world something we felt was missing in the blockchain market. A service which will bring cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to the masses, and we believe that Ixian will fulfill the role we have designated for it.

The testnet phase and experimental mainnet phase provided us with many insights about issues that needed to be addressed before launching the mainnet. Our team worked tirelessly to solve all of them and in the end an entirely new blockchain, a fully working DLT and the IxiCash cryptocurrency came into existence.

One of the most exciting features of Ixian DLT is that it allows quick node setup on low-end hardware and it handles many micro-transactions with fast consensus. The consensus algorithm alone would make Ixian's adoption rate slower and could potentially result in centralization of currency and master nodes. In order to solve this issue, a Proof-of-Work component was added to the consensus algorithm. This way the Ixian DLT operates in a hybrid mode which enables it to easily accept new users, while making it difficult to create enough voting power to subvert the blockchain operations.

As such the network itself is fully democratic and allows everyone to participate. We would like to invite everyone to get involved and setup your Ixian DLT node and start mining now!

Main Features of the Ixian DLT
1.    Hybrid Proof-of-Stake / Proof-of-Work mode of operation
2.    High volume of micro-transactions
3.    Low transaction fees
4.    Fully extensible
5.    Can be used on any device
6.    Redacted DLT – Doesn’t require full blockchain history to function
7.    Unique, custom made source code

Read more information in the Ixian DLT Setup Guide, to learn how you can use Ixian DLT yourself.

When it comes to Ixian as a whole, there is lots of work yet to be done, so the development itself continues.  Our team is now focusing on finalizing the Ixian S2 Network, and Spixi Instant messenger. While this is being done, a marketing and promotion campaign is underway to get Ixian and IxiCash the cryptocurrency known to the public and listed on as many cryptocurrency exchanges as possible. Our goal is to get a wider community cooperating and we are trying to get as many people involved in the project. We are launching a bounty campaign soon to reach out to the community and offer incentives for constructive work on the project.

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Keep calm,
Team Ixian