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Ixian testnet is live

2018-07-09 22:44:32

Ixian testnet is live!

After two years of hard work while still having lots of fun, we are extremely hyped to announce the  launch of Ixian testnet!

There were lots of obstacles and stressful situations on our journey, but we managed to solve them with our positive vibes, and now we can finally present our product to you. We want to share our excitement and show you how the blockchain can be used in innovative ways, while maintaining highest level of security and privacy.

Ixian should always provide a reliable and secure service. To achieve that, we need to test our technology vigorously. For that to happen, a successful cooperation with the community is essential. As the proverb “two heads are better than one” quotes, we are kindly inviting  developers, blockchain and cryptocurrencies experts and other interested users to join us in testing Ixian.

Ixian team breathes for the project, and so we need the community to engage with us in developing, testing and making it the best option available. On one side people would test how Spixi is acting during communication between users and transferring IxiCash cryptocurrency. On the other side we need users to set up DLT and S2 nodes to scale the network and make sure the platform works flawlessly.

Once again, we would like to invite you on our thrilling journey!
We are looking forward to hear from you.

Click below to create an account and join our test net group.

Happy testing,
Team Ixian.