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Ixian S2 - Simple, Secure and low cost streaming platform

2017-12-29 22:32:06

We live in a visual world where many people are considered as part of the online video generation. According to statistics, online video consumption is one of the most popular internet activities and daily routines for most of the internet users worldwide. This is true more so with the increasing usage of smart mobile devices, easy access to produce and share videos, as well as great improvements of video quality.

Ixian S2 is a streaming network technology that complements the custom made Ixian DLT and aims to decentralize the data, video streaming and broadcasting industry. Ixian S2 platform provides an innovative solution for high quality peer-to-peer secure streaming and broadcasting activities, where everyone will be able to earn additional revenue.

Our decentralized streaming network has no intermediary sources (servers) involved. A server’s job is to deliver data to clients, whereas with Ixian S2 every user will be able to deliver content and charge for the content streamed or data transferred.

Here are the benefits of our peer-to-peer (P2P) blockchain-based Ixian S2 streaming network:
-    It is an extremely secure, private and hard to trace way to stream, broadcast or otherwise transfer any content you wish.
-    It improves user experience by reducing lag through low bandwidth usage – this means that content & data are transferred directly between users, which makes the whole streaming process quicker and the speed of the network higher.
-    Huge reduction of bandwidth costs for content providers – this lowers costs by distributing the bandwidth load among all participating peers.
-    It is more resilient meaning that it can manage traffic spikes even when there are millions of concurrent users – the decentralized workflow enables content to still be accessible across multiple peers even if the connection between the client and a peer fails.
-    It improves stream start-up time.
-    It allows to deliver a higher video or audio quality.
-    The communication is encrypted, thus secure and private.
-    It enables a more social and more democratic delivery of user-created content.
-    It minimizes privacy issues and  is censorship resistant.
-    Integrated reward system for users who become streamers.

Our own IxiCash (described in the previous post) will be used to power the S2 streaming network and will give users an incentive to become streamers and earn additional monetary rewards.  Ixian S2 will be of great use for creators such as broadcasters, for real-time video streaming platforms (sport, TV shows, enterprise conferencing, music, education, etc.), for video on demand platforms, for video and audio learning platforms, for live televisions, for gaming networks and for customers.

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Stay awesome,
Team Ixian