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Hello World

2017-11-30 00:10:51

We're very excited to announce that we've just launched Ixian's website!

Project Ixian started with a simple idea - to make a communication platform that solved the centralization issue that plagues all well-known instant messengers. We've realized that we can leverage the power of blockchain technology to develop our idea. However, none of the existing blockchain solutions offered what we wanted.

We started playing with the idea of making our own blockchain solution. A solution made to precisely meet the needs of our project. The potential of this idea was so exciting that we simply had to try it. Thus, the Ixian DLT was created. During development of the DLT, we needed more features like voice, video and file transfer capabilities for our original product, the instant messenger. To achieve that we rounded the project with a third product - a secure streaming network, capable of fast end-to-end data transmission. All three products are complementary and fit perfectly together.

To sum it up, we present you with: Spixi - the decentralized instant messenger; Ixian S2 - the decentralized, secure streaming network; and most importantly the Ixian DLT - a custom built-from-scratch blockchain solution.

We all had a lot of fun working together on this project and developing the technology and we really hope you will enjoy using Ixian products.

Feel free to read through Ixian website and the documents that we have released today.

More announcements and goodies coming soon so stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter.

Stay awesome,
Team Ixian